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Welcome, and what is this anyway?

What this is

Where Dead Gods Lie Buried is the name of a series of fantasy noir books by Francesca Terminiello and David Murray. At the moment it is planned to be a trilogy but there are plenty of ideas bubbling in the pot for stand-alones and other possible series. Book one [title TBA] is at the stage where the first draft is almost complete. Books two and three are in planning stages. See the Books page for a description of the books and the world in which they are set.

Who we are

We are both keen writers and readers of a range of genre fiction, but we discovered a mutual love for fantasy noir – the intricate plots, gritty, often brutal scenes, dark settings and morally ambiguous, colourful characters – it all makes our little hearts sing with joy.

In November 2010 Fran decided to stop writing ‘for fun’ and try and sell a short story. In a week she came up with a 4000 word short that she called ‘The Medal’ and showed it to David. After some discussion and after other people had suggested it sounded more like a chapter from a novel than a self-contained short story, the two agreed to work upon it together and expand it.

The year of frantic scribbling has produced a behemoth of a first draft, which we aim to prune back drastically and have ready for submission at around Easter 2012.

See our About page for more information.

What we aim to do

In this blog we aim to share information with other fans of both writing and fantasy fiction, articles, our writing progress, news and trivia. We hope to keep your interest along that way, and that you will pop in from time to time to say ‘hi’.